Health & Nutrition | Dogs | Cats | FAQs | July 26, 2019

Health & Nutrition FAQs

Michele Dixon
By: Michele Dixon

How are kcals determined in your recipes?

The AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) has been encouraging uniformity in the expression of kcals among manufacturers. AAFCO has recently approved changes to require kcal information using a calculation method whereby all food with the same protein, fat, and carbohydrate levels would have the same energy value, regardless of the type of ingredient used in the recipe. Please use our feeding guidelines to determine the appropriate amount of food to provide for your pet. And, as always, you should increase or decrease the amount you feed based on your pet’s activity level and weight.

Do you make prescription-type foods?

Although many of our foods meet the parameters required and work well for various medical issues, we do not make specific prescription diets. If your pet has a specific medical concern and you’re wondering which food might be best, we encourage you to call our Health and Nutrition Specialist  at 01737 488400. We’ll help you find the food that’s right for your dog or cat, even if it isn’t our own.

Is it okay for my cat to eat the dog food or vice versa?

Dogs and cats have different nutritional requirements, so please don’t allow them to share each other’s food.

What is ash?

Ash is the total mineral content in food. Every food has ash, regardless of whether it is raw, extruded kibble, or baked.